Some best smart phones of past couple of years

Nowadays people can’t think without smartphones because these have changed the definition of regular phones. These have various features regarding all possible necessity. These offer the users highest comfort and ease their lives to great extent.

Every day companies are coming up with new ideas about best smartphones. People often get confused while they try to choose one. So here is some basic required information. Take a look and buy your preferred one.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

best smartphones

It holds weights of 173g, Dimensions ‘159.5 x 73.4 x 8.1mm’, Operating System ‘Android 7’, CPU ‘Exynos 8895’, RAM ‘4GB’, Storage ‘64GB’, Screen size ‘6.2-inch’, Screen Resolution ‘1440 x 2960’, Battery ‘3,500mAh’, Rear camera ‘12MP’ and Front camera ‘8MP’. The 6.2-inch curved display is very much cool for watching movies or videos. It will quench your big screen thirst. The chipset for this phone is cool. The main advantage is that it is water and dust-resistant. It is the next generation of features with the gaming experience. Internal storage plus a micro SD card make the storage capacity impressive. It offers a top-notch camera. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is an expensive phone. It is the top one in the list of best smartphones.


iPhone 7

best smartphones

It weights 138g, Dimensions ‘138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1mm’, Operating System ‘iOS 10’, Screen size ‘4.7-inch’, Screen Resolution ‘750 x 1334’, Storage ‘32/128/256GB’, Battery ‘1960mAh’, CPU ‘Apple A10 Fusion’, RAM ‘2GB’, Rear camera ‘12MP’ and Front camera ‘7MP’. The phone contains a power boost under the hood. It is water resistant which is impressive. This comes with a decent camera. If you have used the previous I phones, then jump to the 7 and you will love it. This phone has enough upgrade offers for all features. The good low light camera is a plus point. Battery life is better than previous models but still unimpressive. It lacks clear upgrades in certain cases.


OnePlus 5

best smartphones

It has weight of 153g, Dimensions ‘154.2 x 74.1 x 7.3 mm’, Operating System ‘Android 7.1 Nougat’, Screen size ‘5.5-inch’, Screen Resolution ‘1080 x 1920’, Storage ‘64GB/128GB’, Battery ‘3300mAh’, CPU ‘Snapdragon 825’, RAM ‘6GB/8GB’, Rear camera ‘20MP + 16MP’ and Front camera ‘16MP.’ The phone offers you the best Android phone experiences. This phone contains extraordinary power. This is very much comfortable to hold design in this model. AMOLED display is the best feature, and super-slick performance is a new beauty. The problem is that it doesn’t have micro SD support. It offers buyers affordable price. It is not water resistant and provides an only 1080p display. The list of best smartphones is incomplete without this.


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Google Pixel

best smartphones

Google pixel  has pressure of 143g, Dimensions ‘143.8 x 69.5 x 8.5mm’, Operating mode ‘Android 7.1’, Screen size ‘5-inch’, Screen Resolution ‘1080 x 1920′, Storage ’32/128GB’, Battery ‘2770mAh’, CPU ‘Snapdragon 821’; RAM ‘4GB’, Rear camera ’12MP’ and Front camera ‘8MP’. Siri rival is a great addition to this phone. It offers heaps of power and excellent viewing experience. You can enjoy perfect screen quality while watching movies and TV shows. It provides most attractive handset. It is famous for its supremely smooth performance. Bright and colorful full HD display is the one best feature. Battery life could be better for potential use and other purposes.


Sony Xperia XZ Premium

best smartphones

156 x 77 x 7.9 mm, Operating mode ‘Android Nougat’, Screen size ‘5.5-inch’, Screen Resolution ‘3840 x 2160′, Storage ’64GB’, Battery ‘3230mAh’, CPU ‘Snapdragon 835’, RAM ‘4GB’, Rear camera ’19MP’ and Front camera ’13MP’. It is designed with the impressive 4K screen. HDR compatibility is very satisfactory. The technology makes the image look brighter and more colorful. The phone is compelling. It can capture exceptional pictures. It performs well in the right light. The disadvantage has Chunky bezels. It makes any videos stunning, and Sony lovers will surely love this.



best smartphones

This includes in the list of best smartphones. It holds Weight of 169g, Dimensions ‘153.9 x 75.9 x 7.9 mm’, Operating mode ‘Android Nougat’, Screen size ‘5.5-inch’, Screen Resolution 1440 x 2560, Storage: 64GB, Battery 3000mAh, CPU Snapdragon 835, RAM: 4GB, Rear camera: 12MP and Front camera 16MP. This phone comes with brilliant snaps. It works in active HDR mode. The audio performance is awe-inspiring. You will find headphone upgrades with it. The phone has very new squeezable sides. Fantastic sound and very impressive camera are best features. The disadvantage is that it has fingerprint magnet. Edge Sense is not entirely satisfactory.


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Motorola Moto Z

best smartphones

It weights 136g, Dimensions ‘153.3 x 75.3 x 5.2 mm’, Operating System ‘Android Marshmallow’, Screen size ‘5.5-inch’, Screen Resolution ‘1440 x 2560’, CPU ‘Snapdragon 820’; RAM ‘4GB’, Storage ‘32/64GB’, Battery ‘2600mAh’, Rear camera ‘13MP’ and Front camera ‘5MP’. It has a great collection of modular accessory. Snap-on design can be used easily. It can be considered as the world’s thinnest phone. The loss of the headphone jack is seen on this phone. The headphone jack – the potential is a concern for many users. It is must be an innovative device. It offers fingerprint sensor with a twist. The problem is having big camera bump and a small battery.



best smartphones

It weights 163g, dimensions of 148.9 x 71.9 x 7.9 mm, screen resolution ‘2880 x 1440’, CPU ‘Snapdragon 821’, RAM ‘4GB’, Storage ’32/64/128GB’, Battery ‘3300mAh’, operating mode ‘Android 7.1’, screen dimension 5.7-inch, Rear camera ‘Dual-13MP’ and Front camera ‘5MP.’ This offers 18:9 massive and low-bezel displays which are more than enough for watching anything. The phone provides Vibrant QHD display. This phone has upgraded processor from Qualcomm. The cameras are powerful. The only improvement needed is Battery life could be better. Its price is getting cheaper.

These best smartphones are amazing and provide cool features. Check the outlooks and functional properties to know about your actual demands. All the models are pretty good with complete applications.