Best smartwatches which you will absolutely love

Nowadays technology is becoming updated on a daily basis. People have transformed technology into wearable products such as the smartwatch. The smartwatch looks like an ordinary watch but with great features which you will find incredible.

There are many best smartwatches in markets. These come with various working factors and functional variety. Before choosing one, take a look at the information discussed here and get some knowledge.


Apple Watch 2

best smartwatches

It is an important one among the best smartwatches. It has Operating System ‘watch OS 3’. The display is ‘1.53″ OLED’, Processor is ‘S2 dual-core’, Compatibility is with ‘iOS’, and Battery is ‘18 hours’. Band measurements differ drastically per watch dimension, onboard storage ‘8GB’ still only ‘2GB and 75MB’ provided for music plus photos. Charging method is wireless, IP rating is ‘IPX7’. Connectivity supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC. It’s water-resistant and has GPS onboard. It appears with the innovative ‘watch OS 3’ software just with the shortage of helpful apps. It owns a similar pattern like real Apple Watch. It’s the best watch to buy right now, but Apple Watch 2 is expensive. The list of best smartwatches here.


Samsung Gear S3

best smartwatches

It has Operating System ‘Tizen’. Display is ‘1.3″ 360 x 360 Super AMOLED’, compatibility is with ‘Android and iOS’, Processor is ‘Dual-core 1.0GHz’; Band sizes ‘S (105 x 65mm) L (130 x 70mm)’, Onboard storage is ‘4GB’, and Battery duration is ‘three days’. It’s charging method is Wireless, IP rating is ‘IP68’ and connectivity supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G. It contains lack of original apps. It has an IP68-protected build and back in full form. Its intuitive controls have made it so popular and the Super AMOLED screen is beyond praiseworthy. People consider it easily as a traditional-looking alternative


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LG Watch Sport

best smartwatches

It has Operating System ‘Android Wear 2.0’. The display is ‘1.38″ OLED’, Processor is ‘Snapdragon Wear 2100’, compatibility is with ‘Android and iOS’. Band size is fixed large band with onboard storage ‘4GB’ and Battery of ‘16 hours’. Charging method is wireless, IP rating is ‘IP68’, connectivity supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC. People know it as a full-featured fitness tracker. You can easily track logging runs and calories burned. It supports an LTE connection and configures with ‘Android Wear 2.0’. It can make plus get calls including data if you simply pop a SIM card inside the rear of the watch. However it remains the bigger-than-normal extent, moreover Battery life drops short. Phone calls require a SIM which is not always wanted. Overall, it has an appealing design. This is a highlighted one in the list of best smartwatches.


Asus ZenWatch 3

best smartwatches

It has Operating System ‘Android Wear 2.0’. Compatibility is with ‘Android and iOS’, Display is ‘1.39″ 400 x 400 AMOLED’, Case dimensions are ‘44mm diameter, 9.9mm thick’, Processor is ‘Snapdragon Wear 2100’, Onboard storage is ‘4GB’. It’s Battery remains ‘two days’. Charging method is via proprietary USB charger, IP rating is ‘IP67’, and Connectivity supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It contains useful hardware buttons and good battery life with a long-awaited update. The watch offers a gorgeous display, and the whole design is just commendable. This is a premium watch. But it lacks track apps of heart rate sensor, NFC, and GPS. Proprietary straps are also a disadvantage.


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Huawei Watch 2

best smartwatches

It has Operating System ‘Android Wear 2.0’.Compatibility is with ‘Android and iOS’, Processor is ‘Snapdragon Wear 2100’, Display is ‘1.2″ AMOLED’. Band sizes are a Fixed and replaceable band at ‘140-210mm’. Onboard storage is ‘4GB’; Battery is ‘Up to 2 days’. Charging system is wire related, IP rating is ‘IP68’, and connectivity allows ‘Wi-Fi’, ‘Bluetooth’, ‘NFC’, and ‘4G’. It comes with a premium design with mostly plastic build fashioned. Use of spiffy ‘Android Wear 2.0’ software has made it famous. This watch is feature-packed, but the screen is too small.


Moto 360 (2nd Gen)

best smartwatches

The list of best smartwatches ends with this one. It has Operating System ‘Android Wear’. The display is ‘1.37″ or 1.56″ LCD’, Processor is ‘Quad-core 1.2GHz’, compatibility is with ‘Android and iOS’, Case dimensions is ‘42mm or 46mm diameter, each 11.4mm’ compact, Onboard storage is ‘4GB’. Battery life is up to ‘1.5-2 days’ depending on size. Charging method is wireless, IP rating is ‘IP67’, connectivity supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is one of the most good looking and comfortable wearables. It has good new size options which imply to the customization to the design. Its improved performance and beautiful design are so alluring. But the flat tire bezel is back.


The watches are very cool and composed of beauty. These will only blow your mind. If you are e tech freak, you should get one of these cool watches.


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