12 Best Thriller TV Series of All Time

Who remembers the Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho? This 60s movie is timeless and it still takes our breath away. Every thriller lover knows about the movie. This movie is the pioneer of thriller. Watching series is more popular than before. The reason is of course Internet availability. Many TV series has used the theme thriller because of its popularity. And it worked undoubtedly. Among all the thriller series, best thriller tv series of all time is arranged here just for you. If you are a serial lover, you must have watched all of them. But if you find new series, you know what to do. Start binge watching!

Breaking Bad

Amazing portray by Bryan Cranston as lead, Breaking Bad has reached million people’s heart. IMDb rating 9.5 speaks for itself. The series is about a high school teacher Walter White, who is diagnosed with cancer. His wife is pregnant and at this time of his life, he feels devastated. All he has is the chemistry knowledge, which he teaches in school. Sudden meet with another protagonist; his student Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul turns an unpredictable turn in the story.

Black Mirror

If you are into science fiction, Black Mirror will take you to a new dimension. This is the best thriller tv series of all time which is dark in a way that it will stay in your mind for a long time. IMDb 8.9 rating tells us how well appreciate the show is. You will be amazed to see how technology can take a dark turn in our lives. Each episodes is unique and such unpredictable ending of each story will leave you speechless. The suspense of each story will give you chills.


Stranger Things

This series will take you to the 80s vibe.  The series is made from classics like E,T. In the series, you will fall in love with the adorable kids and a loving mom played by Winona Ryder. IMDb rated 8.9, this series will start with a missing teenage boy. As the police investigates the matter in a realist way, the kids suspects something unusual. The story takes a shocking turn and brings out many secrets, which was hidden for a long time.


Mr. Robot


Are you into hacking? Even if you are not this show will amaze you. IMDb rated 8.6; this show is about a programmer Elliot (portrayed by Rami Malek) who works in a cyber-security. He suffers from social anxiety and stays low key. At first, you may not find it interesting but as the story develops, it becomes interesting. Elliot suddenly comes to know about a mysterious man who recruits him as a hacker. You may be thinking I have given you the spoiler, right? The interesting part of the story is yet to come.




Are you familiar with the old Sherlock? You will meet a new Sherlock. Played by talented actor Benedict Cumberbatch, you will fallen in love with this arrogant Sherlock. IMDb rating is 9.2. The episodes are has unique mysteries which Sherlock solves in his own way. He is observant, as a detective should be. 21b Baker Street is the place where all the mysteries are revealed. This show is a combination of little touch of technology and the obnoxious as well as adorable Sherlock who you will love.

Killing Eve



Stories of assassins always a treat to thriller lovers. This show is chilling and it will amaze you in an obsessive way. Sarah Oh played the character Eve who is a security officer of MI5. She dislikes her job as it is confined to desk only and her passion is to be a detective. She is on search of an assassin played by Jodie Comer, who is very sneaky and charming in her own way. This is the best thriller tv series of all time where an assassin is that much impulsive. Got 8.7 rating in IMDb this show is the new craze of 2018.


Westworld is a story of a time, which is ahead of us. Technology has spread everywhere even in the entertainment has taken a unique turn. Remember the sci- fi movie Westworld? This show is inspired by the movie. Another amazing creation by Jonathon Nolan will take you to a new place. You will watch with amusement where the unpredictable story take you. The show is surely the best thriller tv series of all time which entertains you with sci-fi thriller. The show is rated 8.9 by IMDb.


You might remember about the show Dexter. If not then don’t be late, it is a must watch. A serial killer named Dexter (Portrayed by l) who has uncontrollable thirst to kill. IMDb rated 8.7, this show is thrilling and with every kill, you will feel the amusement in Dexter’s face. He only kills criminals but he is no Robin Hood. The more you watch the more you will explore the dark secrets of Dexter and find the reason why he is like this.


The story revolves around a psychiatrist and a FBI agent Will Graham. If you have watched the movie Hannibal, you are familiar with the concept cannibalism. Hannibal and Will Graham both make a duo to solve crimes. You will be horrified and as well as amused by the brilliant Hannibal. Hannibal is a psychopath with a dark secret. Nobody knows it and he hides it pretty well. Rated 8.6 by IMDb, this show explores the dark side of human mind.

Twin Peaks

Remember the 90’s show Twin Peaks? This show has returned with a new season and our beloved mystery solver Dale Cooper. The series is about mysterious events and crimes. The new season was rated 8.5 by IMDb , but the first two got 8.8. So if you haven’t watched the 90’s seasons you might wanna revisit the taste of 90’s mystery thrillers. The twisted endings made twin peaks one of the best thriller tv series of all time.



The long lasting show of the 90’s has won the hearts of thriller lovers. The story is about mysterious events which is not believable by most people even by the government. But the persistent theorist Fox Mulder wants to prove the existence of his conspiracy theories. He meets Dana Scully who is a realist and doesn’t believe in any of his theories. They start working together. Interesting isn’t it? How those two work on their contradiction and solve mysteries is very amusing to watch. If you haven’t watched it , start watching now!


Bates Motel

Last but not the least, Bates Motel. This series is the Honorable mention , where you will find the Hitchcock vibe. Bates motel is the prequel of Psycho. Freddie Highmore, who own our hearts in Charlies Children Factory plays Norman Bates and shows the story of the psychopath. This series is one of the best thriller tv series of all time to binge watch now!

Here are the 12 best thriller series of all time, which are best for weekend binge watching . Grab your popcorn and start watching if you haven’t watched any of them yet.