Craziest Food Contest Around the World

Our entire struggle, fights are for food. We get the education, do a job, run business is only for feeding our family and ourselves. But now a day food has become a fashionable and an entertaining medium. There are lots of restaurant and food carts where people go only for clicking pictures or to see the interior decorations. But there is another type of people who love to taste different foods and wants to eat more and more. For those many organization and restaurants has launched a different kind of food contests. Few are very classy, posh and few are very weird, insane and craziest. Today we will be enlightening 15 craziest food contest across the world. If you have the crave for adventure and want to try something weird this article will help you to make your list.

1. The garlic challenge

The garlic challenge

As a condiment garlic is very useful. It has many medical benefits. Most people take one section of garlic in every morning after they wake up. It helps to reduce belly fat. What? If someone gives a bowl of garlic in front of you to finish that off within 1 minute.  Sounds crazy right? Yes, in England there is a village called Dorset where every year this crazy challenge takes place.  In this challenge, you need to finish garlic as much as you can within a minute. The conditions are, you can take water in the meanwhile and have to smash every section of garlic with your teeth. David Grin man has earned the championship by eating 33 garlic’s within 1 minute in 2014.


2. The Nettle challenge

The Nettle challenge

This is a kind of leaf which creates itching in your skin if you touch it.  What? If you get a challenge to eat these leaf. This is happening in Dorset, England. Basically, these trees 2 feet in length and every participant are given these leaves to finish this within an hour as much as they can. This is not a tough one. During consumption of this leaf, you will feel a very little itching in your mouth.  In 2016 the winner has consumed 86 feet of Nettle trees. It is a great Food Contest.


3. The Cockroach Challenge

Cockroach ChallengeMore or less most of us are afraid of Cockroach. But can you eat cockroaches?  No? But in Florida, this is a challenge. An owner of an animal farm arranged this challenge where participants need to eat cockroaches and other insects as per challenge. A participant won this challenge by eating a bucket of cockroaches. But after a few minutes, he died because he didn’t smash cockroaches properly that’s why they remain alive in his stomach.


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4. The Naga chilly Challenge

Naga chilly ChallengeNow a day’s Naga is a very famous become all chilies in this world. Now most people like spicy foods. That’s why people in this world are participating in Naga chilly challenge. The measurement of spice rate in each Chilly is Kelvin.  He will be the winner who will consume the maximum Kelvin of chilies.


5. The Water Challenge


It seems very easy to participate in this challenge but this is one of the hardest one. In this challenge after every 15 minutes participant has to drink a cup of water. During this challenge, you are not allowed to go in the toilet if you go you will be disqualified. In this challenge, Jennifer Strange was the very first winner but she died that day because of water intensity. What a strange Food Contest!


6. The 11-Pound Carnivore Pizza Challenge

In this challenge, you are required to eat a pizza which is 11 pound and 30-inch width. You are allowed to eat this giant pizza 2 people within an hour. This is a very well known and possible challenge for people. The price money is 250$ and entry fee is 50$ only.

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7. The 8th Wonder Challenge

This is the world’s largest burger weights 105 pounds.  It is 28 inches wide and 11.5 inches tall. Ten people are allowed for 60 minutes to have this burger and each person needs to consume at least 10.5 pounds.  A cash price of 5000$ is the winning amount of this challenge.


8. The Jack-n-Grill Challenge

This is a 7-pound breakfast Burrito which contains 7 potatoes, a dozen eggs, a pound of ham, a whole onion, cheese, and chilies. There will be no toilet breaks during this challenge. This challenge is only for women. And the women will get lifetime free food coupon in this restaurant as a reward. This is a crazy Food Contest.


9. The 72-ounce Steak Challenge

72-ounce Steak ChallengeIn this challenge participants need to consume 72 ounce steak with a baked potato, buttered bread, shrimp cocktail and ranch beans. To make this meal a balance diet salad is also added in this platter. This is one of the easiest challenges in this world. The winner will get this platter for free.


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10. The Monster Red Ruby Burger Challenge

In this Food Contest, you require to finish a burger within 20 minutes which contains 14 slices of bacon, seven slices of cheese, 2 big pack of the slice. This winner will get this meal for free and a t-shirt.

11. The 15 Dozen Club Challenge

15 Dozen Club

In this challenge participants needs to eat 180 oysters in one sitting. The owner himself finished 645 oysters. The winning price is for this challenge is platter is free and a t-shirt.

12. The Inferno Bowl Challenge

Inferno Bowl Challenge

This is a soup challenge. This soup is made by ghost chili. This is one of the spiciest chili is this world. Participants finish this entire soup within 30 minutes. 1000$ is the price of this challenge.

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13. The KIDZ Breakfast Challenge

KIDZ Breakfast Challenge

Well as the name stands for this is not for kids. This name is given because the entire platter’s weight is equivalent to a kid. This platter contains 9 pounds bacon, mushroom, potatoes, black pudding, eggs, pieces of bread, tomatoes and etc. the winner will receive this platter for free and will get 1 hour to finish this off.

14. The Terminator Challenge

Terminator Challenge

This is 24 inch palter where you will get 4 fried eggs, kinds of bacon, sausage patties, this is a very heavy platter to finish. The winner will receive this platter for free. The time duration of this challenge is 1 hour.

15. The Widow Maker Challenge

The Widow Maker Challenge

This is a platter challenge where 8 participants died during having this platter. This is one of the deadliest platters in this world. This platter contains 69-ounce steak, pork chops, lamb chops, chicken sausages, eggs, mushrooms and many more. The winner will receive this platter for free of cost and a t-shirt.

These are the most insane and craziest food contest across the world. Challenges are not bad for life but yes you need to challenge your body by knowing your physical fitness and strengths as well.