15 shocking facts about North Korea

In this era, almost each and every country is connected with each other. But few countries are still existing which is claimed to be a democratic country but still isolated themselves.  North Korea is one of them. Because of this isolation, information about the country is not widely known. Though it’s a small country indeed, it can bring harm to those countries which are located around it. North Korea is unique for all the bad reasons. These are the 15 shocking facts about North Korea which is different!


1. Reduce oil usage


North Korea use wood gas in vehicles. The list of facts about North Korea definitely starts with this one. This is true that the resources are limited in this world. So we should use all these wisely. But N. Korea stopped use gasoline and petroleum in their transports. Their only trading partner is China and they pressurized them to change their products which they ship to N. Korea. This type of wood gasifier was invented in 1839. These transports were used into WWII.


2. Widespread poverty


North Korea has a well-controlled economy. Their economy is centrally planned. But their economy is the weakest economy in this world. The average GDP per capita in North Korea is $1,800. But besides all these success 24 million people are living their life in the below extreme poverty line. This population is the almost more than half of their population.


3. Weed is free trade in North Korea


This is so shocking boy it’s true that weed trading has no low in this country. They trade this quite freely. Selling weed is not considered as a crime in this country. In North, Korea weed is considered as a luxurious tobacco. This is one of the well-known facts about North Korea.


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4. Concentration camps do exist!


We all know these camps where seen in Germany during WWII. But still N. Korea runs these camps. Around 40% of the people died in this camp because of hard labor. It was believed that around 200,000 peoples are on those camps because of political crimes.


5. Have to pay for a desk at school!


This one is a highlighted one in the facts about North Korea. In this world, students need to pay for their books, pens, copies and so on.  It’s quite obvious, but in N. Korea the students need to pay for their desks where they study in the school.


6. Don’t follow the world calendar.


This is 2018. The whole world is following this calendar for years. But N. Korea is following their own calendar. As per their calendar, it is only 105 because their leader Kim was born in April 1912.


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7. Hold Their Elections


In their elections, they have only one choice to select their leader. There are no options for them to select in between. That’s why their leader gets 100% votes in their elections.


8.  Generation Punishment


As per the worlds rule if someone does anything wrong or done a crime he or she gets punished. No one involves their families because of culprits’ deed. But in N. Korea is someone done something wrong he gets punishment along with his entire family. Not only this have had their next three generations got the same punishment for one mistake. This is a quite insane rule in N. Korea and includes in the must-know facts about North Korea.


9. They follow only one leader


Since the communist revolution, Kim Il-Sung is their only one leader. They will follow only him and his generations as a leader.


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10. New leader is eccentric


After Kim John UN’s father died everyone thought he will reform and rebuild the constitution of N. Korea because he was far away from North Korea. He got his education in Europe. That’s the reason people thought he won’t follow the footprint of his grandfather and father.  But he failed all expectations of people. He is truly a blind follower of his grandparents. He didn’t bring any change for his country.


11. No Working Traffic lights


In N. Korea there are no traffic lights which work properly. Yet few of the red lights may work but most of them are fused. Most of them are replaced by traffic Police. They believe human cane reduce more accidents than lights.


12. Accordions are a must!


In N. Korea Accordions are must for everyone in schools. All teachers are required to learn this instrument. Many citizens are continued to learn this instrument today.


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13. Constitution is open for All


Korean Constitution is open for their citizens but they are not allowed to read it and this is strictly prohibited. Though it is written in their constitution that everyone will get their freedom but it’s not followed yet.


14. Kim Jong-il kidnapped a director


Kim Jong-il kidnapped a film director because that director acclaimed a film upon him where he forced him and his wife to act. But lastly, the director was successfully escaped from N. Korea.


15. 99% Literacy rate


Korea claimed that they have 99% literacy rate which is very high in all across the world. But actually, the literacy rate in North Korea is one of the lowest in this world.


In this world, we won’t find any other country which has these types of restriction and weird laws for their citizens. N. Korea has not well connections or relationships with other countries are not well at all. They maintain their law for dealing someone. They follow their own way of trading which is not suitable for every country that’s why they are remaining isolated in the whole world. Hopefully, you have learned all must-know facts about North Korea.