Fifa 18 Worst XI vs Best XI

Bleacher Report has recently run a simulation of Fifa 18 game. They built the best possible squad and the worst possible squad. Can you guess the final score? Let’s see what was the result of Fifa 18 worst XI vs best XI. You can find the original article of Bleacher Report here.


You already know how the best squad will look like but do you have any idea about the second team? Do you even know any of them from the second XI? But, the surprising fact is, Neymar didn’t get a chance to play with the best Fifa XI. Both teams are playing in the 4-4-2 formation. Let’s take a look at both squads.


Here is the worst XI squad:

Fifa 18 worst xi vs best xi
Fifa 18 worst possible XI
Here is the Best XI squad:
Fifa 18 best possible XI
Fifa 18 best possible XI
So how was the game? As you already know the worst team is going to lose. Here is the summary of the match.



Luis Suárez celebrated his hat-trick on the 9th minute. Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Kevin De Bruyne scored in before the halftime. When the referee blew the whistle for the halftime the best XI was 12 goal ahead of the worst XI. After the restart, Robert Lewandowski completed his nonchalant hat-trick. Then Toni Kroos turned on the style and scored from a long-range shot from outside of the box. Luka Modrić (sub) scored in 76th minute. Sergio Agüero scored twice in 79th and 80th minute. In 95th minute Lionel Messi scored a stunning goal with outstanding dribbling and the box was full of opponents as usual. Luis Suárez scored 10 goals and won the man of the match award. The opponent team never stood a chance against the best XI. The final result was a 23-0 destruction.

What was your guess? Did you guess somewhere near to the final score of Fifa 18 The worst XI vs The best XI?  What do you think of the game and the result? Let us know in the comment section.



  • The thumbnail is copyrighted to EA Sports
  • The simulation of the game was run by Bleacher Report
  • Image of both squads is taken from futhead (built by the post author)