Inventors who regretted their own creation

Among everything in this planet have two sides. One is positive another is negative. And here is the key moment where you have to use your brain and decided which path you should choose. This big world is transforming day by day. Everything is improvising. New stuff are inventing by geniuses. This is not happening just today. This is a running random process which is active from years back. There are a lot of things in this world which is actually made for something good but because of our, human’s choice we turned out those stuffs into disastrous. That’s the reason why the inventors of below mentioned was regretted on their creation.


Alfred Bernhard Nobel (inventor of dynamite)


Alfred Nobel was an engineer, milliner and an inventor at the same time. In early ages like around 1860 he wanted to create something which breaks the stones into pieces. So for only experimental purpose he mixed nitro-glycerin with silica. And after a while this unknown mixture has turned into dynamite. Firstly he was very happy with is creation. But later on he realized the bad consequences of this element. People used this for murder, destruction, and paralysis.

After seeing all these he felt bad and then he proposed that if someone does something good for this world he should get awarded by Alfred’s property. NOBEL is the most prestigious award to encourage people to do something good.


Julius Robert Oppenheimer (inventor of atomic bomb)

Julius Robert Oppenheimer

During the world war (II) he was responsible for running LOS ALAMS LAB. During that era each and every country was more curious about finishing others. A large amount of people are died each day on that time.  For the sake of his own country and their citizens he used Einstein’s formula and created the very first atomic bomb. He created this bomb just to make a strong defense for his country. He created this for building an image of power, he was not about to use that at all.

But he cried and regretted a lot when he saw the destruction in Japan on his own eyes. He apologized for doing such a big mistake for creating this kind of destruction tool. He is called the father of atomic bomb.


Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov (inventor of AK-47)

Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov

When I was a child I used to play fighting video games where I had to shoot my opponents with a gun named AK-47. Yes! This is the gun which was actually used for kill many people. Mikhail repented a lot for his creation.

Even at the end moments of his life he daily used to send letters in churches and asking God that is he is the one who is responsible for murders which happened by this gun? When he was discovering this gun, he didn’t even think that he was creating a murder weapon.

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Kamran Loghman (inventor of pepper spray)

Kamran Loghman

Kamran Loghman was the inventor of pepper spray. When he was in FBI he created this special kind of spray to catch the criminals.

But later on he saw the abuse of pepper spray. This pepper spray is using for disturbing people or crimes like robberies. Even this is also used in many unwanted meetings or strikes where it creates more violence.


Dong Nguyen (inventor of Flappy Bird)


Flappy bird is a game. Now everyone is thinking how a game became a repent? After this game exposed in internet the whole world got addicted in this game. This game has earned Dong 50thousand dollars.  Every gamer is very happy with his games success. When the success rate is so high like Dong it will definitely feels like heaven.

But Dong gave totally opposite reaction. At a seminar he apologized for creating this game. Because this game has put him on spot light and people and media started talking about him. Dong didn’t like this attention at all.


Ethan Zuckerman (inventor of pop-up adds)

Ethan Zuckerman

The most annoying thing in internet world is pop up ads. When we are browsing internet or watching something suddenly a new window starts with ads. This odd thing is called pop-up ads. In 1990 Ethan was working in After a while to run this site he needs some extra money. Then he got funds from few companies to advertise their product. But they don’t want to spoil their product’s identity. So Ethan created this pop-up idea. After creating this idea he apologized at the end of his realization.


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Bob Propst (inventor of office cubicle)

Bob Propst

In 1960 he was working for Herman Miller as a consultant. During that time he introduced office cubicle. He invented this idea for creating an easy knowledge sharing environment.

But later on the management found it cost effective. That’s why they stared this design in every department of company which has created gatherings in few departments.


Tom Karen (inventor of Raleigh Chopper)

Tom Karen

Before BMX there was Raleigh chopper in early 1970. It was the highest selling bikes in that time. It was one of the most comfortable bikes on that time. But it was a heavyweight bike because of too much luxury and comfort made for user in this bike. So that it became tough for users to run it longer time period.


John Sylvan (inventor of coffee capsule)

John Sylvan

John invented this coffee capsule for make people’s lives easier. But day by day people are got addicted by this like they are with cigarette. John felt sorry and apologized later for inventing this monster.


So we should use any things after using our brain on it. Our every action has good or bad consequences. So if we do well we will receive well but if we do wrong we will receive the worst. We should watch our steps before using or creating anything.