Top Smart TVs That will Bring Life to your Leaving room

People often struggle to choose the right television according to their demands. Nowadays there are lots of choices out there in the market. Different TVs come with different features and make people more confused. Some are good for picture quality, some are for audio system and there is always a budget issue for many buyers.

Top Smart TVs

Thinking of these factors, we are accumulating a list of top smart TVs here. From this, you will be able to find the perfect one for you.


Samsung Q9F QLED

Top Smart TVs

Here the list of Smart TVs starts. It offers three sizes such as ‘65-inch Samsung UE65KS9500’, ‘78-inch Samsung UE75KS9500’, and ‘88-inch Samsung UE88KS9500.’ This is capable to show high dynamic range pictures. This TV is one of the brightest TV for the Q9F and 1500 units of brightness. The TV offers 10% white HDR window which allows reaching nearer 1800 units in smaller areas. This device delivers incredibly lifelike, dynamic and dramatic pictures. The straight ‘LED lighting’ with confined dimming has made it competent to turn conventional dynamic array pictures into HDR. You will see extra light around very bright objects when it is needed. But it has some HDR color banding and occasional backlight clouding.



Top Smart TVsIt offers two sizes such as ‘55-inch LG OLED55E7’ and ‘65-inch LG OLED65E7.’ ‘OLED pixel’ exhibits impressive and ‘contrast-rich’ pictures. It owns the amazingly thin configuration with slim ‘picture on glass’ scheme technique. Although being LCD, it gives levels of opposition and light direction. It will display deep black shades sit right beside. ‘High-contrast HDR’ sources present it provides the gorgeous HDR whites. The conventional dynamic range references offer indistinguishable picture quality. It comes with excellent web OS smart system. Though it has some brightness-related noise it is quite expensive.


Panasonic DX802

Top Smart TVsIt gives two sizes such as ’50-inch Panasonic TX-50DX802B’ and ’58-inch Panasonic TX-58DX802B.’ This appears with awesome-sounding ’12-speaker’ outside sound bar audio mode which is capable to maintain high ‘dynamic range playback.’ Its native ‘UHD screens’ presents processed pictures with ‘HDR.’ It is edge ‘LED lighting system’ which can prevent undesired light nearby bright things. The TV has impressive adaptive backlight feature. It shows the images just like those intend to be. This TV is not as bright as some HDR rivals and also its native contrast isn’t the best. This is one of the most expensive TVs.


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Samsung KS7000

Top Smart TVsIt has three sizes such as ‘49-inch Samsung UE49KS7000’, ‘55-inch Samsung UE55KS7000’, and ‘60-inch Samsung UE60KS7000.’ This has the ultra bright panel which attracts a wider audience. The TV also has Quantum Dot color reproduction system to bring quality HDR. It offers levels of dynamism all-around picture quality. The TV offers color vibrancy and punches by featuring slim, metallic frames. This TV allows picture and sound via a single cable by an external box. It gives the great performance with dark backgrounds by causing some backlight striping. But it has the aggressive price range. It is a highlighted one in the list of Top Smart TVs.


Sony W805

Top Smart TVsIt has several sizes such as ‘43-inch Sony KDL-43W809C’, ‘50-inch Sony KDL-50W805C’, ‘55-inch Sony KDL-55W805C’, ‘43-inch Sony KDL-43W809C’, ‘50-inch Sony KDL-50W809C’, and ‘55-inch Sony KDL-55W809C.’ This doesn’t have a ‘UHD resolution’ including the low-quality 4K system. It gives high-quality ‘HD TV.’ The best thing is that it provides exceptional picture quality. The TV comes with Android interface which allows you to access the huge amount of apps.  It comes with flimsy built-in speakers but you can add the external audio system for better performance. This TV has good space saving design but sometimes its Android TV interface is cumbersome.


Panasonic DX902

Top Smart TVsIt offers two sizes such as ‘58-inch Panasonic TX-58DX902B’ and ‘65-inch Panasonic TX-65DX902B.’ It appears with a unique ‘honeycomb panel’ which can prevent undesired light from sharp objects. It comes with an exceptionally bright panel which assures bright and contrast-rich pictures. Its technology has features to beautifully control colors for LCD screen. It has novel ‘3D Look Up Table’ color scheme which gives clever and powerful local dimming. It assures latest high dynamic range pictures and friendly smart TV system. Its fast motion sometimes faces problems to work perfectly. It has a problem with limiting the extent of light with extreme HDR.


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Top Smart TVsIt has two sizes such as ‘55-inch LG OLED55B7V’ and ‘65-inch LG OLED65B7V.’ Its glorious panel is impressive. But it has compromised on sound. There is no ‘Dolby Atmos’ pass through; it simply offers standard onboard audio. It allows sound through ‘downward-firing’ speakers. You can easily configure an external sound system. It offers excellent all-around image quality with complete HDR support. It offers great smart platform but it faces weird situation audio-wise. So you have to be satisfied with one best feature if you want to have this great smart TV on the most attractive budget deal.


Sony XD9405

Top Smart TVsIt has only one size ‘75-inch Sony KD-75XD9405.’ If you want to spend plenty of space in your living room, this would be your favorite ‘giant TV’. It offers colorful, high contrast, clear and natural pictures through some HDR backlight blooming can happen. There are standard dynamic sources to assure lovely picture quality. It has native 4K pixel count to provide home cinema awesomeness. This offers best high-contrast HDR content with deliciously detailed pictures. The TV yet has low-profile switches on the remote controller and the ‘Android TV’s interface’ is clunky that is not up to the point. It provides the sense of ‘Apps galore’, including ‘YouView.’


Samsung K5600

Top Smart TVsIt is one of the top Smart TVs for sure. It has four sizes such as ‘32-inch Samsung UE32K5600’, ‘40-inch Samsung UE40K5600’, ‘49-inch Samsung UE49K5600’, and ‘55-inch  Samsung UE55K5600.’ 32-inch and 40-inch models are very famous because these give the best experience of small-screen. There are lots of important features like Netflix, Amazon and all the ‘big four’ services. Contrast, brightness and color vibrancy of this TV are praiseworthy. You can configure smartphones and tablets with the TV to offer mirror screening. It provides extra SmartThings hub. You can connect lights and speakers for better performance. But the bad thing is that it has no HDR, 3D or 4K support. It simply offers fairly basic audio. But its design is so attractive for customers.

Panasonic DX600

Top Smart TVsIt offers three sizes such as ‘40-inch Panasonic TX-40DX600B’, ‘49-inch Panasonic TX-49DX600B’, and ‘55-inch Panasonic TX-55DX600B.’ The big sizes face problems while delivering useful amounts of contrast. It has the native 4K screen to provide sharp and clean pictures. Its contrast performance is good so that the colors look bold and punchy. It comes with ‘Freeview Play’ using UK broadcasters so that you can enjoy from TV listings screen. But too much brightness makes it lose their intensity for limited viewing angle. It is easy to use, friendly and customizable smart TV.


The list contains features, technology and also disadvantages of these models. You have to identify your best fit seeing the operational factors. The one which will fulfill all requirements fitting in the budget, you can buy that. These are the best looking TVs with the latest technology. Choose wisely.


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