11 Unique restaurants around the world

More or less we do travel around the world. And with friends, we always try to taste something weird and visit something weird. As we know humans are blessed with intelligence so there are a lot of people who used their intelligence in creating something new. Artists innovate sculptures which are very nice to watch. But now businessmen have started to innovate something new for entertain people and also for expanding their business.

If we try to put an example of these kind innovations in the business restaurant business is would be the perfect example to explain. There are lots restaurants which actually innovated so weirdly that people travel thousands of miles to just to visit those Unique restaurants. If you are a food lover and also like adventure and something crazy these restaurants are a must try for you!


1. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Unique restaurants

Who does not love the sea? Actually, it is very hard to find someone who doesn’t like the sea. So if you are a die heart sea lover this restaurant is perfect for you. This is located in the Maldives at Conrad resort. Basically, it is an underwater restaurant where you can enjoy the fresh seafood with an awesome underwater sea view.  It is a kind of aquarium where human will remain inside the aquarium and fishes or other elements will remain outside of an aquarium. If you are lucky enough you may get a view of a fish flock. The list of Unique restaurants starts here.


2. Snow Castle Restaurant

Unique restaurants

Everything that you are watching in this picture is made up of real snow. Yes, this is another crazy restaurant where visitors can’t get a seat because there is so much crowed and rush all the time. This white beauty is located in Finland.  Because of its formation and decoration customers need to finish their food quickly before they get cold. In every winter this restaurant needs to rebuild.


3. Stratosfare

Unique restaurants

Those who love to watch or visit the mountains but because of health issues you are failed to do so. This can full fill your desire. This restaurant is located in New Zealand. The amazing part of this restaurant is you will see pillars and surface which are made of concrete but you won’t see any wall of concrete. The walls are made up of glass only for visitors so that you can enjoy the beauty of mountains with your own eyes. It is one of the Unique restaurants of the world.


4. Trinity Place

Unique restaurants

More or less none of us want to lose the chance if we got to travel in New York. If you get a chance to visit New York and you are a Banking or person you will regret if you do not visit this place. Don’t you worry you don’t need to break this 35-ton heavy vault to have food there? This vault designed door is the main attraction of this restaurant.


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5. Soneva Kiri

Unique restaurants

We all know that Thailand is a very popular holiday destination at present. So if you want to visit Thailand this worth to have a lunch or dinner in this restaurant. This green beauty is located beside a river and every seating arrangement is well decorated with beautiful long trees which creates a refreshing environment for you to enjoy the view.


6. Banyan tree Bangkok

Unique restaurants

It is an important one in the list of the Unique restaurants. Do you have height phobia? Do you afraid of height and long tall towers? Then this restaurant is not for you. This is located in Bangkok. This proud and beautiful restaurant is on top of a 61st floor where if you don’t have the phobia of height s but still you may feel dizzy. But the magnificent part of this restaurant is you will get an entire view of whole Bangkok city from here.


7. Atomium Restaurant

Unique restaurants

There is a proverb we all heard that “pie in the sky.” But the owner of this restaurant has implemented this proverb into a modern version that is “Dinner in the sky.” Yes, that’s right this restaurant is at Belgium. 55 countries have followed this concept has already.  The original concept is from Belgium.  A single dinner in this luxurious restaurant will cost you a dinner only 280$.


8. Remvi restaurant

Unique restaurants

Another fairyland in this world is Greece.  The topmost beautiful restaurant is located in Greece. This restaurant is designed in a layer like mountains. This is the high stake tourist place of Greece.  The view of this restaurant includes volcano that produced the lava the island sits on today. It belongs to the list of Unique restaurants.

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9. White Rabbit Moscow

Unique restaurants

Russia is a country of so many awesome restaurants and visiting places. This restaurant is enlisted in the top of the list of must-visit Unique restaurants.  This is located in Russia. The specialty of this restaurant is this bold beauty will provide you 180-degree views. If you want to enjoy a full view of Russia this restaurant is the best choice for you.


10. Le Panoramic sits

Unique restaurants

If you want to see two countries together this is the only place where you can see two countries with one visa at a time. Yes, that’s right this restaurant is located in between the border of France and Switzerland. By seating in Switzerland, you can enjoy the mesmerizing views of France Mountain.


11. Bateaux Dubai

Unique restaurants

Dubai is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. If you want to see the true Arabian beauty Dubai is the right choice.  Exploring the blue water of river having dinner is an awesome combination. So if you visit Dubai it’s a must visit place.

There are lots of cultures in this world so we should try different foods of each country in so that we will get the pure and perfect essences of each and every culture.

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